Saturday, February 19, 2011

Teachers training, sixth weekend

Last weekend I had a marvellous experience of healing, and most of all deep connection with the universe. Bhai Himat is such a great teacher, I am so lucky. To think this is me, this is my life...

Listen Har har Gobinde - Ram Singh

Just like last time Bhai Himat was teaching at my teacher's training, I am a bit lost for words. Bhai Himat tells us to put our pens and papers away and just experience... his teaching mehtod is amazing, we float away when it is time to go home, all high on meditation.

The weekend was hard, hard, hard. Keeping you arms in the air doing breathe of fire for as little as five minutes is hard as rock for me. I am a weak, weak devotee always trying, almost crying with pain and most of the time I give up before it is time to put the arms down. But those times when I can keep up, when I get the strenght to keep on going, it is amazing. And always worth the pain.

We spent most of the weekend working with a partner, taking turns on trying the yogic healing technique of just letting the divine work through us, harmonizing that which is in disharmony. But best of all was the last big group healing circle meditation "Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung". We were about 40 people in the circle and about 6 or 8 people laying in the middle, receiving all the good vibrations. I sat in the circle, chanting, being lost in love and bliss. Hard to beat that feeling!


  1. Waheguru! There's nothing better than that bliss! :)

  2. I am the creative force's bliss chick! I feel like a winner!

  3. Wow... the healing circle meditation sounds so amazing!

  4. I remember my one experience of the healing circle - I was lying in the middle and everything was just blue. It was a healing blueness. :)