Friday, March 4, 2011


This 40 day sadhana is making me angry. I think you can see smoke coming from my ears sometimes, at least at work but also at home. But I will continue doing the Burn Inner Anger/Guru Ram Das meditation, it will be interesting to see if this anger thing in me is a phase or what it is... Maybe I just am a little bit more angry right now.

I am longing for next Teacher's training next weekend, the theme is Mantra and Mata Mandir Singh is going to visit us and I so hope he will bring his guitar and let us sing with him. I hold a wish that he will sing his beautiful version of Japji but I get the feeling that will not happen as our head teacher is trying to keep the sikhi elements out of our yoga as much as possible. It is still Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, but for example no one wears turban in class (or out of class) not even our head teachers. But this time around, I will cover my head for morning sadhana on the Sunday.

Love and light as always,


  1. Anger sounds great! I just have to try that meditation a couple of days in a row at the least, sounds like someting right up my street!

    Do you know - no-one tied a turban in the beginning of our training. Last time, 10 months later, there was a room full of all kinds of turbans! Many even came and asked me to show them how to tie a "proper" one. :) It'll come! :D Lots of love and thank you for all your cheers!

  2. Anger is something don't allow myself often in work situations so perhaps it is good.

    I don't think I will see so many turbans on my training but perhaps you are right. Our head teacher has said clearly that turban has nothing to do with yoga but is a sikh thing and since the kundalini yogis that are sikh often have gurdwara after the morning yoga it is practical to tie the turban before the yoga instead of in between yoga and gurdwara. And she sets an example for the group, naturally. Don't get me wrong she is a wonderful teacher, very talented but at least what I can see, not into sikhi practise.

    Have a lovely Sunday!