Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not inspired...

... but I am gonna do my meditations anyway. But this a really blae, blae, blae evening. My husband is on night shift, I had a political meeting dragging on for ever this evening and now I have just been surfing things I already have read. Bored and actually pissed off.

Sopurkh Singh is encouraging us to do the meditation in the morning, but I sticking to my nightly routine. Probably totally wrong, and that too makes me pissed off.

Well, now I'll go and burn off some inner anger. Fittingly enough.


  1. Burn that anger! I'm not too good at following this advice myself but I want to offer it to you nonetheless: do whatever works for you!



  2. It's better now but I was angry today all the way until the afternoon. Now I am happy again! :-)