Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrate life - dance!

Free form dancing with a little bhangra thrown in the mix. I felt every cell of my body vibrate with the creative energy of God!

I put out my sheepskin because I like the way it feels under my feet when I dance. Of course, I was dancing around in the whole living room but the sheepskin functioned as a centre. A place to dance back to, from time to time. I set aside about 60 minutes, here is music and scheme I did today:

1. I danced around and sung along to Mahan Kalpa - Ek ong kaar, satgur prasad.
2. I continued with Satkirin Kaur's Chattar Chakara Varatee
3. More Mahan Kalpa - Advertisement for your soul and Breakdown (the ego)
4. I watched the chapter about basic steps from Dancing Bhangra with Ravi (I bought mine from while doing the first four (I think?) basic bhangra steps.
5. I turned off the DVD and played some bhangra dance music and did some free form dancing! I used what I had learned and mixed it with my own moves for about 10 minutes.
6. I slowed down and danced softly to Snatam Kaur's Anand, feeling loved and happy.
7. I lay down and relaxed to Snatam Kaur's - Golden temple

If you want to try it, please be loving and kind to your body. Don't do anything that feels uncomfortable or painful. The key is not to overdo-it, this is about flow and love.

Love and Light,


  1. Excellent! I'll be doing my own version of this very soon! Sounds absolutely blissful. Waheguru!