Saturday, April 23, 2011

Keeping up under pressure...

This week has been challenging. I work with management support and this week I have been under immense pressure to preform outside of my duties from one of the managers, mostly due to the managers own insecurity. The issue for me has been that I have felt so used and useless, nothing I have done have have been good enough for the manager. My professional advice has been asked for and I have given it but then the manager did not want it. The manager wanted my advice to be something else, the thing that already was decided. And there were so much more, little comments about my appearance and comments about my department and the support we offer that the manager don't think is enough. Somehow I had to answer for everything.

I am lucky enough to have colleagues that see me and that my advice was good and based on knowledge in all this. The managers actions made me feel trapped, small and worth nothing. This episode went on for three days. On both the first and the second day the manager got so under my skin that I cried, and that made me decide to try to make use of my knowledge of kundalini yoga. I include a posture for the aura as my warm up for the morning kriya I'm doing. This worked, and I am so grateful. I felt my aura getting stronger and working to protect me. I managed to handle the manager without letting all the negativity sent out get to me. Kundalini yoga is a savior, and I am so grateful to be on this path!

Today I noticed that Spirit Voyage is doing Japji as the next 40 day sadhana. Again, I am so grateful. I do receive what I need.

Those upon whom the Lord showers His Mercy, fall at the Feet of the True Guru.

Be in love and bliss,


  1. Wonderful! You are a warrior. :)

  2. I guess we all are warriors from time to time. I try my best... :-)

  3. Read Japji Sahib alone during "Amrit Vela" by sitting on floor in a corner of your room & putting your thoughts,plans etc. aside and just concentrate on what you're reading. Do this practice for a day without doing "Yoga" and See if there is any difference in your day...

    Jasbeer :)

  4. Yes Jasbeer, I might try that :-) I think it is good to try to notice the difference when you do new things. Japji has been something I have thought about reciting and I have done so from time to time, but never as a regular practice. Now it's time.

  5. Thanks!!

    Try to recite "Japji" regularly , I'm sure you will see a "Sea change" in your life day by day. Agree that there are concentration and language issues initially , however, regular practice will resolve these issues.