Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have from time to time in my life felt stripped of protection, people are able to attack me and I have had no defence. No way to let their mean comments just go by, the comments find their way straight in to my heart, and the pain stays.

I had a few of those moments recently, but the difference is that I am different. I have found my inner core. Sure, I fell right in that dark hole of feeling trapped but rather fast I realized that no one can make me feel like this but me. I can choose and that made me feel liberated, much like a teenager flipping someone off. And that felt good!

Perhaps you don't think it's OK, but I think the Gurus is boosting my spirit, they didn't take any crap what ever the cost (OK, I admit, to my limited knowledge). I feel more grounded in myself and I will not just stand by as some tries to stomp all over me or someone else. Unfortunately for my, I have always been better at standing up for someone else then for myself, until now perhaps.

I think my new found strength comes from trust, me trusting that I will be taken care of. I will always been in warm embrace.

Strength and blessings to you all,


  1. Wah Gurji ka Khalsa, Wah Gurji ki Fateh!!

    It's difficult or next to impossible to go upstairs when thousands of people coming downstairs at the same time. Compare that situation with experience says its nearly same... as the crowd around us is of same kind. If you analyse people in that crowd - you will find they are not trustworthy at all even to the people those are coming downstairs alongwith them i.e they pushing each other, throwing them from their way- just to reach first...When they are not trusting each other then how can you Trust on them?

    Let me know if I'm confusing on above....

  2. The stomping is part of life's journey, it all has a purpose even as our limited ego can't yet see the reason. Maybe it's all just so you could get to this moment of feeling empowered in yourself! Sat nam.
    Good to remember is that we are all one; the stompers are just a part of you - the part of you that is a stomper. Everything you recognize in others is also in you, good and bad. Trust in the connection to the Divine in yourself and in others!

  3. Sat Sri akal g
    Exploring and finding the inner self is the most blissful thing. once you are peace with yourself the struggle stops, there are no ladders, no ups and down,no wins or losses, the journey of life becomes a gift. i feel to find the inner self you have to be a watcher but not a doer. If you are a doer, you'll feel things like attachment, expectations, desires, emotions,etc surrounding you always, but if you a watcher, you watch everything, you'll there but still you'll not be involved. Guru Nanak Dev G has said"Hukm rajae chalna Nanak likhia naal" means, those who realize/ walk in His Hukm(Order), O Nanak, they forget their egos". they never say they are doing something,they are not doers, they are watchers.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    @Jasbeer: Someone got to start trusting, I trust that I will be taken care of. I trust that I have something to learn.

    @Saranpreet: Thanks for the reminder. The stompers are me, I do tend to stomp around a bit myself. But I really feel this was an opportunity for me to watch my patterns, break them and feel empowered and strong.

    @Letters of desire: Perhaps you are right, but a watcher to me is detached from the world, like a yogi in a cave. Never interfering even though a person needs help or the world needs change. To walk in his Hukm to me is to be involved but at the same time realize that all can be gone in a minute and to not fear that. All is in the Hukm.

  5. Dear HarAnand, I was just feeling an outpour of emotion for my Cyber Sangat... so thought I'd Cyber Hug you here! *Hugs* =). I am blessed to have your sangat Sister!
    Thank you for all your support, love and especially for sharing your inspiring journey with us all! <3 <3 <3 <3 =)