Monday, March 15, 2010

Discovering my own values

This weekend I attended the first part of a course on values and leadership for women. It was nice to meet all the fantastic women and the teachers, but it was also really demanding. To examine your own values and ask yourself if you live by them is very important. The part that did this weekend hard for me was the fact that I realized that I don't live by what's really important to me. By not living my own truth, I feel insufficient in all areas of my life. To realize this was a great sorrow to me, both for not living up to my ideals and the grief I feel for being insufficient.

The next and last part of the course is in five weeks and as a home assignment I have chosen to work with living my own values. This requires me to say no to certain parts of my life to allow other parts to blossom. This will be hard, but it is what I want in my heart. I will make choices that are healthy, both on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

I don't have to do every thing I have an opportunity to do, I don't have to be a part of every thing I'm asked to be and I don't have to please other people to point were I loose myself. But I will not stop lending a hand to someone in need and I will not stop being nice and empathic. Because that is who I am. There is more to think about though, because if I want to someday have children I have to learn to prioritize so that I have something left of me for my family.

All of us have a lot of values and in one of the workshops we had to prioritize our own values. Maybe you've already guessed that my top placed value was Health. I'm truly grateful for this insight.

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