Sunday, March 7, 2010


When I was younger I longed for travel and adventure. I loved travel magazines and dreamed of traveling to India, South America and all over Europe. Airports always filled me with joy and the feeling that something fun and interesting is soon to come. I still feel that about airports, but with the years I have become afraid of flying so it was quite some time since I was on a commercial flight. I have tried to cure the fright by flying in a small plane with only one passenger seat, it was ok and I'm mighty proud of myself.

My fright of flying is now trying to take over other ways of travel. I'm tomorrow going by train to an other town for a conference, it's a travel for about 4 hours with train and I can feel my anxiety levels going up. This is not good development and I will have to work on keeping my cool during my travel tomorrow. Since my travels has a total of 8 hours, I will really have the chance to go deep into my feelings. Now that I'm writing this, I find myself looking forward to this opportunity. Strange... And an other strange thing; Sat Kartar just started to sing "I am, I am" and that fills me with confidence and strenght.

An article from Gurumustuk, MrSikhNet, is also on this topic and I red it again today to lift my spirit about tomorrows traveling. Read it here...

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