Saturday, May 8, 2010

Be yourself

Some days ago I got an email on the topic of spiritual beliefs and now I have answers. I was me, I stood up for my beliefs, what I think.

On the topic of gurus
I believe a guru is a wise person, spiritual teacher nothing more nothing less. I believe we can learn from different people and someone can serve as a guru for a time and then it's time to go on. And then there are guru who last an eternity. And who is what, it's up to you to feel and decide. I believe a guru makes you think upon how you live your life and the choices you make, a guru guides you on your way but it's you that have to walk your path. It's you who have to decide who is a true guru and who is a false.

On the topic of having a soul
I believe in that we have a soul, a spark of the divine. I believe that we can begin to know our soul by meditating and chanting. I believe that we can become one with our soul. Being without pain, happy in ourselves, beyond time and space. Sometimes when we meditate we get to that point, just surrounded by love.

Here is an empowering, beautiful song. It has helped me, I feel strong when I hear it, not alone, centered and loved.

I am, I am by Sat Kartar

Live within love today!


  1. i read your blog on sikhnet so thought of sharing my views. Guru is one who know how to connect us better to the almighty, he shows us the light, he is guide, he makes the disciples connection easier with supreme. In a simple way, we can say that he makes the journey simple and easy for seekers.
    As much as i know our gurus has been the best teachers and Guru nanak has shown path to many personnel in his four udassis and toughtthings in a simple way like kirt karo, Namm japo, Vand shako.

  2. Thank you for the comment, Nirmal! What a beautiful thought on understanding the concept of the word guru. I will look up kirt karo, Namm japo and Vand shako to understand your point fully. Thank you, again!