Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sangat - in the fellowship of the holy

I've been thinking about the concept of sangat for a few days now. I think I long for a group fellow seekers, to support and inspire each other to look further, I've been a bit sad sometimes that I'm living far away from people thhat know a lot about things I'm interested to know more about.

But the absolute beautiful part with the internet is that I'm already in the fellowship of the holy. I find spiritual inspiration by reading other bloggers views on sikhism and spirituality, I feel connected watching Youtube videos with lectures and I feel blessed for every comment someone takes the time to write on this blog. Every signed up Google follower makes my heart warm every time I log on to my blog and I feel uplifted and more educated when I read my newsletters. My point is that we all can choose what we use the internet for, it can be a dark and not so pleasant place to be in but it can also be light and beautiful.

I'm so happy that I get to be in the company of the holy! Thank you all for inspiring me!

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