Monday, May 10, 2010

Honest work, meditation and sharing

It sounds quite simple and easy, doesn't it? Honest work, meditation and sharing. I think these are very nice concepts to live your life according to. I try, not always successful but I try.

I got a comment on my blog with pointing towards KIRT KARO, NAM JAPO and VAND KHAO. Since I haven't heard or seen the words before I decided to do some research.

KIRT KARO or Kirtan Karo or Kirt Karna or Dharam Di Kirt Karna
From what I get it means honest work. To earn your living from honest work. But also more; the sikhiwiki says: "To work and earn by the sweat of the brow, to live a family way of life, and practice truthfulness and honesty in all dealings."

NAM JAPO or Naam Japo or Nam Japna
The sikhiwiki explains it with "Rise in the Amrit Vela and meditate on God's Name." I have also found that it could also mean just meditate but from what little I understand of gurmukhi Naam means like the name (of God) and jap or japo is recite or/and meditate. (All my knowledge of gurmukhi comes from Snatam Kaur's and others music so bear with me on this one.)

VAND KHAO or Vand ke Shakna or Sand Khao or Vand Chhakna or Wand kay Shako
To share what wealth we have with others, the sikhiwiki also on this concept points to something more; the ability to let go.

I'm going my 56th day straight meditating today, some times it's really hard and other days are easy. Right now it has been a couple of hard days. I need my meditation so I am being though and keeping up. I also feel I give during the meditation which is a bit strange since I meditate alone. I give some love and gratitude to the universe, I think.


  1. Guru Nanak dev Ji has taught “Kirt Karo, Naam Japo and Vand shako” in his teachings and he has demonstrated these things by leading a model life. He taught us that God can’t be found by being recluse, doing various stunts or by learning various mantras. He is there in our daily life, within us. Guru ji taught us Kirt by doing farming at Goindwal and earned his living. Honest living and doing your duty truthfully is kirt, if I am not wrong. By Naam japo, Guru ji reffered, we should keep reciting his name at all times and in all walks of life, like when Guru ji was working at the shop of Rai Bulaar in Talwandi, while counting things, he stopped at number 13, which in Punjabi is pronounced as Tera (tera means yours, he says everything is his not mine) and vand shako he showed in sacha sauda by distributing all money to poor saints.
    As a Sikh we are suppose to take out “Daswandh” (10% of our income) for vand shako. At the times of gurus, Mahants use to collect the money and submit to gurus and then langars were use to be organised from this. Nowadays, we give in gurudawars but most of us (including me) are forgetting this. I feel it may not be 10%, but some amount we should segregate every month from our income for this.

  2. Thank you, Sukhjot, your comment make me smile. :-)

    Thank you, Nirmal, so much for taking the time to write this long comment. I know much more now, thanks to your input.