Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still not well

I absolutely hate feeling bad. My stomach still hurts and I'm feeling sick now too. I try to keep myself busy, so I don't think about it so much but it's hard. Now I'm going to watch a movie.


  1. Dear HarAnand - THANK YOU for the beautiful gift! I'm so very touched, it's so beautiful and what a beautiful gesture! I'll put it up on my blog so that I can look at my name, wrapped in your art.

    Much love, get well!

  2. I liked it too! You have such a beautiful soul and you're an awesome designer!!!

    Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!!
    And, I hope you are feeling better now...

  3. Thank you Hapiness! You are so sweet! And it's not hard to do, I'm no designer, I just like colours and text! :-)

    Sorry to say I'm not feeling better...