Friday, July 30, 2010


Today has been a day all about the home. We went to IKEA to buy some bookcases and other stuff. Later my aunt and uncle came by with a sofa and a coffee table that they gave us. Fantastic! When you move from a small apartment to a house, it's hard to fill the space. But now our living room looks fabulous. An eating area with dinner table, six chairs, a sideboard and a display case AND an area for socializing with a sofa, coffee table, two armchairs with footstools and a bookcase. And we have the fireplace. It really is a fantastic room but before we got the sofa and coffee table it looked a bit unfurnished. The room is so beautiful now and I am so grateful. I get to spend time in this beautiful room!

MrSikhnet published a post called Patience Pays today, sharing a very nice affirmation  by Yogi Bhajan, it is beautiful. It is about letting God take care of ones business, trusting in the divine. This audio makes me think of resting in Gods hand, golden yellow hues, peaceful, loved, safe, surrounded by love.
You need million things; million things will reach you
I feel this! I will recieve what I need. When I write this I realize that I have thought this before; I have all my life from time to time thought "O, how amazing, life seems to give me what I need. Things always turn out quite nice for me. I get what I want most of the times and if I don't get what I want, I get something else even better." Just as our home got furnished the way it should be, beautiful, I'm sure my life is going be what it is supposed be. I feel it is going to be filled with love.

As I write this I'm listning to Spirit Voyage's radio, they are now airing a podcast New World Kirtan and playing Snatam Kaur's Servant of Peace from the album Liberation's Door, this is one of my absolute favorites and the couldn't have been a more fitting soundtrack to this post.

Love and light, always :-)


  1. Aww Har Anand, Congratulations on moving into your new house! I love designing houses and other spaces, and I am sure you're enjoying that task...It is real fun to make a space feel like something special that you'll cherish for ever!

    And I love the Patience pays post by MrSikhnet, I listened to the Yogi Bhajans lecture clip several times and each time I feel so good about it, Its beautiful to let God take care of everything....

    Thanks for Posting!
    Love and Light =)

  2. Yes, it wonderful living in a house. I like it a lot. :-)