Saturday, July 10, 2010

Learn to play guitar

Ok, so I borrowed a guitar last night and started trying to play. Started by learning some chords from this site, I now I have set some chords to the Mul mantra (wanted to play this from Snatam, but the finger placements were to hard), if you can play and instrument; tell me if you like it.

[Dm] Ek Ong Kar  [Am] Sat Nam [G] Kartaa Purkh Nirbhao Nirvair

[Dm] Akaal Moorat [Am] Ajoonee [G] Saibhang Gur Prasaad Jap

[Dm] Aad Sach [Am] Jugaad Sach [Em] Hai Bhee Sach  [G] Nanak Hosee  [Em] Bhee  [Am] Sach

Now I have been trying to move my finger on the guitar since I got up and now I have to take a break, 'cause my fingers hurt so much. I also think my neighbours are getting quite fed up with my bad attempts with this guitar playing. I played guitar 15 years ago the last time, and I weren't any good then, so I don't know why I think things are going to change... But all the kirtan listening has awoken some strange urge in me to play and sing of my own. So please, try these chords if you feel like it and tell me how to improve. And please be nice, only been playing for about four hours, so how god could it be... I really think my husband is happy that he isn't at home today, is there anything worse than listing to someone who can play an instrument trying? For four hours?

Have a really nice day! And remember, keep up and you'll be kept up!


  1. Hey, great! It sounds good in my head, I'll play it on the piano tomorrow when I have the chance. :D Thank you! Great that you're learning the guitar! Good luck and lots of patience. :D

  2. Being able to play music must be really cool!
    Good luck & have fun.....
    Sat Nam!