Thursday, July 8, 2010

Universal love again

During today meditation I felt the vibrating feeling of love in my chest as I chanted Hare Hare Wahe Guru. Just love that feeling!

Otherwise this have been a day of cleaning and gardening. I vacuumed most of the house, managed to do some laundry and some garden work, but just a little. I'm also fixing up my house windows right now, taking away the old, loose paint and putting oil on the old wooden frames. It a quite slow job and today the has been a little bit of raining on and off so I couldn't continue today, this really bugs me since I want to finish with the windows soon. I have to paint them also, so there is much work left.

Didn't wear white for meditation today, I'll try again some other time. It's beautiful with whites but, I don't know, somehow I expected something "magical", but life is life and meditation is meditation and there is no need for giant leaps :-)


  1. Sounds wonderful with fixing up the house! Hopefully you'll get sunsine so you can get the windows done soon. :D

  2. Sun shines today, so three windows has gotten oiled. Only five left... :-)