Tuesday, July 6, 2010

White clothes

Today I have been shopping white clothes, inspired by kundalinyoga and almost, but just almost, a bit ashamed of it. Is it vanity to want to look the part? But I was beautiful and radiant in white clothes (I have never white clothes, I have always avoided them) and I can't wait to wear them in amrit vela for my sadhana. I want to know if there is a difference, meditating in white compared to my normal, relatively dark clothes.

Usually I contemplate the first two line of the hukam but sometimes I think of the hukam as the whole shabad, because It's makes no sense to me other wise. And today I will only contemplate the first line because I do not understand the second and the whole shabad was also hard to grip. But this first line, my hukam for the day, is beautiful:
As long as we are in this world, O Nanak, we should listen, and speak of the Lord.


  1. Good for you! I never have worn white either, I've always felt it attracted too much attention. I've been training myself now in the summertime because it's pretty common to have light-coloured summer clothes. I've gotten so much response for that. You really stand out in white. :) I really feel a difference now. It's not vanity to want to look the part - it's projecting outwardly what you want to become. Embrace it with joy, and be radiant and beautiful in your whites!

  2. It will be interesting to wear white among other people. I will watch my own reactions...

  3. White was probably the only colour I never ever had in my wardrobe, except for sports socks ;-)
    Now I have slowly started wearing white tops / blouses t-shirts and stuff and it feels great. I think also our skin gets a little more sunshine through the ligther coloured fabrics which is good for producing all the Vitamin D.
    When I recently met a European Amritdhari Sikh, it was the first time I met somebody wearing mainly white, including white turban. It seemed odd in the beginning but I must say it is the best way to bring out the natural beauty in a woman and in our face... no make up no nothing just the light glowing from inside.
    I am curious to hear what your experiences will be... be kaurageous... :-)

  4. Sat Shri Akal


    Yes, white gives a special feeling...certainly in summertime. But so does blue or red or yellow or any other colour.
    I think this-wearing-white is a bit more a yoga thing, in sikhi every colour is equal. Many times our Gurus tell us that when the inside is not what we try to show from the outside it is all fake. Equality is such a great principal within sikhi, that i don't give too much attention on what i wear.
    At the other hand....yes, white is a powerful colour..
    (hope i did not offend anyone, if so, i want to say sorry it is not my meaning)

    manpreet kaur

  5. Thank you for your words, Anonymous! I think I will commit to do my meditations in white for longer time period then one day, then maybe there will be something different.

    But I think maybe its not the wearing of white when meditating that is the big thing, maybe its the wearing of white in your regular life that is the true challenge or maybe they will serve as support.

    Anyhow your comment started me think more deeply about this and I thank you!

    Manpreet, thank you so much for your comment! There is so much I don't know about sikhism. Equality is one of the things I really, really like in sikhism and of course this would also apply on colours. And the fake part is what I was afraid of, trying to look like something I'm not. But if I am feeling it's just right wearing white...

    But since I am a yogi, I like the kundaliniyoga thoughts on white, that it contains all colours and enhances your aura which helps in yoga and meditation.

    Thank you again for your comment, which also made me think, on different aspects of this.

  6. Dear Har Anand Kaur,
    I agree with Manpreet Kaur that no colour in itself is good or bad or one better than another. But colours affect our phsyical and mental wellbeing. I used to wear dark colours and lots of black almost exclusively, and now suddenly have aversion against wearing black. Maybe the time of "withdrawal" and shutting myself off from love has stopped. I feel that when I used to wear black I was keeping myself closed from others and maybe even from good energy coming into my system. It's surely worth experimenting with colours...My room is painted in two shades of orange and I love the way it makes me feel energized and happy :-)
    Have a blessed day and enjoy the colours of life!

  7. Anonymous, I agree. Colours really affect my mood and I think white is really beautiful because its bring out the beauty in the other close by colours and shapes.

    Pink is my absolute favourite colour, sweet and calm baby pink to energizing bright pink. Pink always make me feel fine. :-) So I understand that you like your orange room, orange really is a warm and vibrant colour.

  8. You're an angel regardless of what you wear....wear and shine through your whites!!!

    Love and light =)

  9. Thank you Hapiness, you are so sweet! :-)