Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A hard, hard day

It has been one of those days when I wonder, "What is the points of all this..." Rush, rush, hurry, hurry, I have nothing to do at work but still I have to be there. It feels so pointless to spend so many hours traveling to accomplish nothing. And still I am not doing my hours... I said in a comment some day ago that there was a lot of work, but the work isn't in the workplace it's getting there... I feel I have no time left, just like in this spring when I decided to do yoga and meditation every day.

I have no time... or, more accurately I don't spend the time I have on the right stuff. I feel more and more that I want to have my own company so I can decide for myself when and how much I want to work. And yes I know the hardships of being your own, my father has only work in his own business as far as I know. But what will I do and can I survive and thrive on it?

My hukam told me today, I think, to be true to myself and the universal force of love. I admit very openly interpreted but the hukam I think should be a person message and what I see in it is the truth, for me.

Bestowing Your Mercy, God, You attach us to Your Name; all peace comes by Your Will.
The Lord is Ever-present; one who deems Him to be far away, dies again and again, repenting.

How do you think hukam should be interpreted, to the letter or more open?


  1. Start and the pressure will be off. Every time you feel that anxiety about not having time, do something that proves you are making a difference in your day, even if it's just for two minutes.
    Work towards being your own boss! In that context I would interpret your hukam as an incouragement. If you align with your bliss, do what you really love and make a difference in people's lives through that (which you automatically will) then you are taking steps towards God - and not deeming him that far away. If you truly believe that hapiness and success is possible in your work life also, then it will be so. :)

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words! I'll try that just doing the thng I think I don't have the time for just for as long as I have. So many times I have though "aah, it's not worth starting doing that 'cause I only have half an hour..."

  3. Har Anand Kaur Ji... whatever you have mentioned in this post is exactly what I am feeling for the past few months... and while reading I actually felt something...
    Told myself NO this cant go on longer..I have to change myself.. even if I am only given 5minutes to do anything.. I WILL DO IT..
    Thanks to Saranpreet Kaur Ji too, whatever has been said is so true!!!

    Thank you again =)

  4. Thank you too Pearljeet Ji and HarAnand Ji - it's great to see that there are so many of us sharing the same issues, I feel more determined and focused just by reading your thoughts!